Monday, May 28, 2007

Live for Bigger Cause

On one day evening I and Pankaj went to one Telephone shop to fax my acceptance letter to University of Cincinnati. There we had a great experience to meet one old person (who was in his 60’s).
We were impressed with his particulates about the things, English fluency and overall discussion, way of his operation. Because normally there we don’t see anybody much leaned to operate fax machine, and small shop.
He was telling us the facts, importance of facts, etiquettes and also the things to take care about. Eventually we come to know though discussion that he was with ABB for about some 25-30 years and have experience to work abroad in some countries , who left the company and now looking after a small business as a personal interest.
He shared many of his experiences of dealing with Managers from USA, UK , Netherlands etc and also told the specialties, management styles according to his experience . He also shared about Indian mindset and impression to foreigners, good things etc. We liked and convinced to his thoughts. We had interesting discussion and were mostly hearing to him.
So after faxing the documents he asked the purpose of my travel to US and what I am going to do. So I told that I am going for my higher studies at University of Cincinnati in MEMS and Nanotechnology. I also told something about my NanoPassion dream.
He was very enthusiastic and keen to know more about Nanotechnology and asking few questions and information out of curiosity.

I stated with the basic idea and prospectus of Nanotechnology, the basics of technology, its fundamental shift etc etc…. While telling I observed glow on his face, his increasing curiosity, want to know more I felt nice to tell. His energy reached to pinnacle when we explained him about possible solutions of Medical Problems like Brain Tumors, Cancer etc with the help of this new technology and our Passion, motives behind NanoPassion.
He was so impressed and full energy was flowing in his nerves. His expressions were unanswerable and I we were just amazed!!!
He was inspiring us. His views on how should we go with, referring some quick big contacts who might help, and be interested. He even didn’t take full money of the bill. He had shown a great confidence in our ideas. His few sentences like “I will never forget these moments with you in my life” , “You can do it !! You will do it!! and it will give you the blessings of lot peoples when you will become successful on these ideas”, ‘This things will bring you ultimate satisfaction in Life’ etc. He stayed till late to discuss these things with us and also come by climbing stairs to say us bye bye.
Also promised us to help selflessly and introduce to some industrialists.

It was enthralling experience for us, which charged every part of our body and we felt very happy to see him happy. We felt very nice to make somebody happy and realized importance of our mission. This gave us immense motivation than any other thing. His Confidence in us and hopes became motivation and driving force for doing things further and gives meaning to what we supposed to do , wanted to do… worthy goal for us and all.

Finding the worthy goal is very important and is key for ones happiness in life.
Choosing to leave life for bigger cause is the best way you can do for yourself.

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