Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nano is everywhere…….

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are basically inspired by Nature and they are not new as they are already in Nature.

Nature is the perfect science and technology we could ever achieve and we are reaching the limits. In nanotechnology generation many times we are trying to mimic what already there in nature or the processes at molecular level.

According to me the nanotechnology may be the ultimate technology. I can say it as most disruptive technology till.

Since industrial revolutions we have made our lives too complicated day by day!!

There are the basic things that we had not much thought of. It is very common to think like n..making things with smallest thing..that is building things atom by atom.

Any Child will not refute this..Its natural and basic. As per science theories …everything around us…our cells, materials, trees, clothes …everything is made of certain molecules and in turn atoms. So theoretically everything can be made atom by atom if there is correct process in the place. So can we really make everything we see in Nature?? Theoretically Yes !! But practically its far away to think..its too complex and certain laws may not allow to build whatever things. But sure there are many possibilities beyond our imagination that can be help humanity advance.

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