Thursday, June 7, 2007

Need of Responsible Nanotechnology

Today there are plenty of new technologies rising and seems to be prospective next BIG things.
But we need to be careful while choosing the right one for adoption, funding, promoting.
Along with the good things these technologies bring many BAD stuff and possible threats for humanity. In today’s techno-buzzing world we need to evaluate every step we take and it becomes more and more important as we advance further and further.

Let’s take Nanotechnology as we know it has all the capabilities to give for more than what we have dreamt of to serve humanity, to solve the problems in every area more or less. It is going to be disruptive technology affecting every aspect of human being.

There is LOT of good and for us it looks all good good. But there are possibilities of unpredicted consequences to our ecosystem if this goes uncontrolled. Already there has been lot written in Science Fiction Novels …by authors like Michal Crinton (Prey)…Grey Goo thing is lot discussed…

We must consider and analyze possibilities of all these BAD things that can happen before moving further. But there is problem in this also because, those who are working on the good part of it may want the results early and may not wait until (because the introspection always takes time and slows down the development process though it’s in the good of long term).

So I feel there is great responsibility on all the thinkers, Visionaries, Scientific community and science aware social community to discuss and ponder upon Development, Ethical , Social , natural etc issues related to the upcoming breakthrough technology before it becomes too late and things go out of control.

There is need to lead the responsible Nanotechnology. Already there are some efforts going in this direction. Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology (CRN) is one example and they are doing great work. CRN has taken the correct initiative and we need more people to involve in such efforts.

It is important to present information about Nanotechnology to Large people, and to hopefully raise their awareness of the complexity of the issues involved with the creation of technology.

The need and importance of it stems from following two major factors.

First, the acceleration of growth. Technologies are being developed at a quickening pace, with little time for existing institutions and policies to adapt. We can no longer afford a reactionary stance to future technologies, which in many respects will redefine what it is to be human.

Secondly, information pertaining to any technology is should be readily available to those who seek it. This availability of information allows for further such discussions to occur.

We through Nanotechnology Interest Group can hope to bring awareness of the Future technology, possibilities, potential, to address the societal impacts, ethical issues etc..such that better decisions and wiser choices can be made for the future. It will accelerate the development of clean, green, positive technology for betterment of humanity and stop from taking any decisions that will harm humanity, ecosystem in future.

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